Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Alcoholism Is a Habit Not a Disease

Alcoholism is a habit not a disease. Obviously it is a very deep-seated habit. It is probably a habit which developed over a long period of time. As a consequence it will take a long period of time to unlearn the habit. What would be a crystallising moment which helps to break the habit is the knowledge that one is going to die through alcoholism provided the alcoholic does not wish to die.

That's the key. It is down to the mentality of the alcoholic. If the alcoholic is using alcoholism as a way to kill themselves then the fear of dying through alcoholism will not break the habit.

It is possible to chip away at a habit, to break it down. If an alcoholic drinks less and less gradually over a period of many months then there will come a time when he/she will find alcohol objectionable.

A lot of what we do are habits. If we have sugar in our tea that becomes a habit. If we then stop having sugar in our tea it tastes unpleasant for a while until it tastes fine at which point putting sugar in our tea makes it taste unpleasant.

I have no idea why some experts decided to call alcoholism a disease. I think that it is very misleading. A disease is an abnormal condition which we consider to normally be caused by an infection of some sort or malfunction of an organ of the body, that sort of thing. Wanting to drink alcohol to excess is caused by an addiction which as far as I'm concerned is another word for a very strong and difficult to remove habit but I don't consider it to be a disease in the conventional sense.


  1. Interesting....Whenever a problem with alcoholism (i.e. seizure) needs hospitalization, the hospital doctors refer to it as a disease.
    Even Dr. Drew says it is a disease. Please comment.

    1. I think that the experts decided to call alcoholism disease in order to make it easier to try and cure people of it. They wanted to make it more important. They wanted to make it a problem which existed outside of the mentality of the alcoholic. In this way it avoids criticising the alcoholic for being weak willed or falling into a very bad habit. The word "habit" seems quite mild and inappropriate in this instance but if the habit becomes extremely strong and totally ingrained to a point where the person can along a control it then you can more easily see the connection between a habit and alcoholism you scratch that.

      Also, alcoholism gradually develops often over many years as the person drinks more and more and then they cross the wire and which point they can no longer stop or control their drinking. So the beginning of alcoholism is very much like the beginning of any habit.

      That is just my theory. I know the experts would disagree with it strongly but all I can do is write what I think honestly based upon what I see and based upon life experience. Thanks for commenting by the way.


I'd like to hear the experiences of both alcoholics and the victims of alcoholics, please.