Thursday, 10 July 2008

Drunk Again

Drunk again (my caption) photo by Ben Haldenby

Yeh, She's drunk again. It's been quiet for a while but it couldn't last. With an alcoholic it can never last. Once an alcoholic always an alcoholic and I think I can remember one of the visitors to this website saying that in one of the comments.

It is about 7:30 pm here and Jane has been ill with a nasty cold virus for about 10 days. She has worked through part of it but about 2 days ago she phoned in to work to say she was ill and had to stay at home. She had two days off coming up as well, which when added to the 2 days sick added up to a juicy 4 days.

When Jane has 4 days of (which she has engineered nicely) she uses it productively. She always uses it productively. She uses it to get well and truly drunk. She will find any means to engineer a 4 day break or more.

She went to bed today at about 4 pm saying she was tired. She was tired because she had started drinking at about 2 pm. Of course this was totally private and in secret but obvious nonetheless. She thinks that she can drink without any symptoms.

Come 7 pm she prepares to go to the local shops to buy some booze. I say that I'll go and buy it. Conversation is difficult as she is drunk. She goes to the outside storage area and takes a bottle of wine, goes back to bed and doesn't open it.

She gets up and leaves the flat although I have said I'll go and buy it to save her from the possibility of being mugged. She keeps going. She comes back with a half bottle of Vodka, probably more. No point it searching her as you won't find it and anyway she'll argue.

So, here we are recording the moment again. She's back to work on Saturday (or is it Sunday?) and has time to get drunk and enjoy and abandon me again. She blames me for this binge. She likes to do that; force an argument and use it as camouflage for her drinking.

She is sad, bad and sick. She's drunk again.........She's drunk again.

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