Sunday, 13 July 2008

Alcoholism Pictures

alcoholism pictures
Alcoholism Pictures (1) - guess what this is? - Yes the sick she throws up when making herself sick after a binge. She does this she says as it alleviates the feeling of sickness. She does though have anti-sickness pills. It is more than just about alleviating a feeling. It is borderline bulimia and a form of self inflicted punishment for doing wrong.

Here's a couple of Alcoholism Pictures that pretty much sum up Jane's last mini binge. Despite:

(a) Recently starting a new job that took about 8 months to find
(b) Being cash strapped so a loss of job would be very bad news for her
(c) Being scheduled to start a course on Monday, which is important in her new job
(d) Being supposedly ill the 11 days prior to and during the last binge
(e) Facing the prospect of me moving out with my cat (she loves my cat, more than me)

She still went ahead and had a mini binge lasting about 3 days in which she consumed the usual large quantity of alcohol, about 2 bottles of Vodka and 3-4 bottle of wine.

alcoholism pictures
Alcoholism Pictures (2) - the typical after binge bedroom scene.

She called the ambulance last night at about 11 pm. She had called a doctor earlier who I presume wouldn't come out.

As usual she was hyperventilating (due to anxiety) and making herself sick by stuffing her fingers down her throat after drinking some orange juice (to make sure she had something to sick up).

The ambulance came an agonising 40 minutes or more later and then this morning she called from hospital at 5:45 am saying she had been told she had appendicitis. I do not know if this is true as she lies about illnesses to cover for her alcoholism and to create sympathy.

I have no idea how long it will be before she returns. For the time being I have to say it is nice to have her out of the home. Lat night and during her drinking binge there were times when I could have strangled her. I had a deep hatred for her as she is impossible when drinking.

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  1. I can feel for ya buddy. I got clean and sober in 2001 after decades of death and destruction to those I loved. I totally had no concept of what I was doing while I was doing it. That was part of my battle to get clean - the quilt and depression that came with the realization of damage done made me just want to escape into the bottle again. You might want to go to for the free booklet available there. Certainly won't cure anything, but may offer some understanding. Good luck, and don't give up, It can be handled - I am proof of that.


I'd like to hear the experiences of both alcoholics and the victims of alcoholics, please.