Monday, 28 May 2012

So What Is Happening?

I'll tell you what is happening this minute - 28th May 2012 at 16:55. Jane is doing the predictable and has just started up again. If Jane goes through a good patch as she has done for about 6 months, the pressure builds up and she just restarts. A true alcoholic cannot keep the addiction out of their life. If you put a lid on it for a while, it will find a way out somewhere.

Recently Jane has shown signs of going back to her old ways. I might have explained before; it is impossible to stop an alcoholic drinking other than by hand cuffing her to the bed and taking all the booze in her vicinity away. Unfortunately, that would be a crime. And the alcoholic will let you know that and probably call the police.

If you take the booze away she'll just go and buy some more. Of course you can't find the booze anyway unless you tear the place apart because alcoholics are the best at hiding booze.

There is no point asking or discussing the matter with an alcoholic because you'll get nowhere and you'll end up in a flaming row.

You can do only one thing: shut up and put up or get out and never come back.

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