Friday, 11 January 2008

Alcoholism Signs For Family

If a person regularly falls asleep just after breakfast she is possibly an alcoholic. This is because she has has more than a stiff drink early in the morning. Although, alcoholism signs for the family are hard to spot in my experience. What is my experience? It's being the partner and now a "live in partner" of an alcoholic for about 9 years.

When I first met Jane I didn't know that she was an alcoholic. At that moment in time I was an innocent to the world of alcoholism. It took me about 3 months to realize that she was an alcoholic. What lead me to this revelation?

When I didn't know she was an alcoholic she gave me signs that I chose to ignore or didn't realize that they were signs. When she first picked me up at a London tube station the very first day we went out she couldn't find her way home. That was a sign. I was surprised and directed her despite the fact that she should have known London better than me as she had lived there for many years. I was polite it being the first date.

However, she was driving well over the alcohol limit with her new boyfriend! Anyway there were other signs that I ignored such as she behaved in a way that wasn't quite normal. At one time I thought she was a transvestite because her face changes when she has had tons of neat Vodka inside her. It makes her look more masculine. Sounds weird but it's true, believe me.

But (and this is a big but) alcoholics are very skilled at some things, one of which is lying and the other is to hide their addiction. They almost pride themselves in behaving normally when extremely drunk.

For example, when Jane phones in to work (she is currently unemployed) at the end of a binge she sounds plausible despite being very drunk (enough booze inside her to knock me out). she also lies through her teeth as to why she has been off, normally covering her tracks with health problems.

I first became concerned when she frequently fell asleep at unpredictable times, times when you would definitely not expect it. Don't forget they drink secretly and furtively.

Another sign is to hear a quiet "gasp" if she or he is drinking in the same house but in a different room. Neat Vodka makes anyone gasp even an alcoholic. Other alcoholism signs for the family is lack of motivation, staying in bed, bottles hidden around the bed (although they are hard to find as they hide them well).

Water bottles with a mixture of 50% Vodka is another good one. If he or she likes to drink water from a reused mineral water bottle, smell it when she is not there. Check her bag for the bottle.

Another sign: the smell of her breath - it smells of marzipan. Alcohol processed by the body comes up in the breath and smells sweet. I can smell it from 50 yards......

Another sign: look on the roadside from the local off license (booze shop) to your home, you may see empty small bottles tossed into undergrowth or anywhere on the side of the road.

There are more signs and I'll go over these in the future. Happy hunting.......:)

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  1. Hi. nice blog.I do have plenty of family members with addictions, mainly alcohol. I try to deal with their attitude changes and give them advice when I see them sober if I do. It's hard especially when is someone close you love drug treament


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