Saturday, 26 January 2008

Ten Warning Signs of Alcoholism

Here's ten warning signs of alcoholism unadorned, plain and simple:

  1. You have lost the choice as to whether you drink or not
  2. You have been drinking regularly for a long time at a level above the maximum recommended level (5+ years)
  3. You tend to drift towards drinking more as the years go by
  4. Your health is beginning to suffer slightly and so is your work (or a lot)
  5. You only drink in binges and don't consider this an addiction but you do it regularly over a long period of time and the binges are getting heavier
  6. You drink secretly
  7. You lie about your drinking to people close to you
  8. When challenged about your drinking you become defensive and lie
  9. You are drifting towards spirits and can drink from the bottle if needs must
  10. You can drink at any time of the day or night and not just after a days work
These come from me. I did this list in about 5 minutes. It is based on my direct first hand experience of living with an alcoholic, Jane, my partner.

Ten warning signs of alcoholism to alcoholism stage

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