Monday, 7 January 2008

Alcoholism Psychology

Alcoholism psychology takes many forms. In this short article I'd like to discuss the psychology of trying to stop being an alcoholic.

Since the New Year Jane has not officially drunk. She made a New Years resolution and has on the face of it stuck to it, or has she? Or am I being paranoiac. Is she coming back from Alcoholics Anonymous slightly drunk or is it just her being a little high having returned home from a slightly stressful situation. You know, I just can't be sure. I think she is drinking still though.

Together we agreed a range of measures to stop her drinking or at least put some sort of control on it. First was to go to AA every day while she wasn't working. I'd take her there and she could get a bus back or if that was too difficult I'd help again.

Although it is a damn fiddle going to AA every day it is better than her being flat drunk for 7 days at a time. Anything is better than that.

Also, she agreed to take Antabuse every day. In fact she takes 2 pills a day. Why 2? She wants to make sure it works. Does this mean she thinks it might not work and therefore it is not effective? If so it won't work as Antabuse is a mind game drug.

We'll just keep going on this path until she has another binge. It's bound to happen. Wait and see.

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