Saturday, 19 January 2008

Alcoholic Living

Alcoholic living is s**ty living. It is half way between living and dying. It is in the twilight zone. It is almost as if the alcoholic wants to die but hasn't got the guts to do it so lives half way between life and death.

Sounds harsh, well the reality of alcoholism is a kind of hell. There is one factor in alcoholic living that might be common to many alcoholics.

I would be surprised if there were many alcoholics who possess a high degree of self-discipline. Self-discipline means an awareness of your own behavior which further means that it is more likely that you will spot the signs that you are drifting towards alcoholism and take remedial action.

The journey to alcoholism is long and there is plenty of time on the journey to alter course. It is much harder to go back and through Alcoholics Anonymous it seems to me that their objective is to go back, to retrain the brain so that it does not pull you towards alcoholism.

One of the strengths of AA is that it injects a bit of self discipline, order and hope into alcoholic living, which is normally devoid of those qualities.

The discipline required to go to AA when you least feel like it is very useful to gently alter your behavior patterns (your habits). Alcoholism is in essence a habit albeit an extreme form.

If your partner is an alcoholic I would recommend that you strongly encourage him/her to go to AA and combine that with the other tricks and elements I have mentioned to gradually come back from the living dead.

At the moment there is no wonder pill that will stop you; it's down to forming new habits through long hard effort and no short cuts. You have got to want to come back to put the effort in. Decide whether you want to live or die. If you decide to live, do it properly.

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