Thursday, 24 January 2008

Alcoholic Living

Alcoholic living when you binge drink and are trying to control it, as Jane my partner is, means a very tense time for me. With my encouragement and help, sometimes, (I am not seeking praise) she has gone to Alcoholics Anonymous every day since her last binge at Christmas.

This is definitely having a positive effect. It seems to have stabilised her. She grumbles pretty well every time she has to go and complains that it takes up too much of the day and that she is too busy (like hell she is). But I keep encouraging her and she goes.

But and this is a big but, when is she going to have a binge? She has been binging for 25 years. And I think (and this is a guess) she is drinking small amounts outside the flat and disposing of the bottle (a miniature) outside thereby concealing the evidence.

She is also running about 2-3 miles each morning and taking 4 pills each morning. These are vitamins, Antabuse and pills for her joints and bones (she has arthritis coming on).

Soon I am going to have to close this website :) if this continues and I'll be very happy to do so. We are now about 3 weeks since the last binge. This is about the time she restarts. Tense times for me waiting to left alone as she takes to the bed with her Vodka.........

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