Friday, 11 January 2008

Alcohol too cheap

One encouragement to become an alcoholic is the price of spirits and alcohol generally. Spirits are arguably too cheap.

If the price of a bottle of Vodka for example was increased through increased taxation to about £30 it would be prohibitive to many. This would discourage drinking. Of course the root cause of the drinking would remain. This would produce stresses for the alcoholic. But to start to control drinking is stressful anyway. Booze is relatively cheap in Britain. Especially bottles of Vodka.

The same arguments about the ease of access of alcohol extends to the opening hours of the pubs and bars in the UK. The hours have been extended and there have been calls to go back to the previous hours as there appears to be an increase in alcohol related violence and disorder.

A certain amount of self discipline is required to control drinking and obstacles to drinking make it easier for self discipline to take effect.

Photograph copyright plattfisch under creative commons

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