Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Alcoholism Stage

Which alcoholism stage are you at? Are you a young person getting "ratted" or whatever term you use ("wasted") every Friday. Sure you're having a good time. Not a thought about the potential for addiction. The vast majority of you are right - you'll be fine.

But if you have seen relatives, particularly parents and grandparents, succumb to alcoholism you'd better beware as you are gradually, inexorably quite possibly approaching the wire and if you recklessly cross the oh so dreaded wire you'll never get back and your life will be changed for the worse (massively for the worse) and for ever.

It is now accepted that there is a substantial element of genetic predisposition towards alcoholism, which means it is likely to run in the family. And if it is not exactly alcoholism that runs in the family it might be depression or some kind of condition such as an obsessive compulsive disorder. A mental state that indicates a predisposition to addiction.

The warning bells should ring and I would be very careful how I drank because when you're young you're at an alcoholism stage when alcoholism seems impossible and is not given a thought.

Indeed you can be at the stage when you are actually addicted and not realize it, or you care not to think about it because it will mean you have to start the battle to stop.

The most important alcoholism stage is the one when you begin to realize that you are beginning to lose control over whether you have a drink in the evening or not. At that point you've got to start to break the habit that has formed because this mere habit might turn to something more, a life changing event - crossing the wire.

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I'd like to hear the experiences of both alcoholics and the victims of alcoholics, please.