Thursday, 17 January 2008

Alcoholism Stories

I have told some alcoholism stories on the blog but the actual story of how Jane became an alcoholic makes less interesting reading. She became an alcoholic about 25 years ago. Before she crossed the wire to alcoholism she was drinking more and more, just just like anybody else. She enjoyed it. It helped her forget. She says her mother didn't want her and wanted a boy instead. She says her mother could hardly bother to name her. I think someone else suggested her name and her mother took it as the first available and easiest route.

She failed to spot the danger signs as she drank more and more. There is always a moment some time before you conclusively cross the wire when you are aware that you are approaching the wire (meaning the moment when you have no choice whether you drink or don't and there is no going back to the days of choice).

Since the time she became an alcoholic she has in my humble opinion not given enough importance to controlling her drinking. She almost accepts it as a necessary evil despite the fact that it destroying her life. She doesn't mind her life being destroyed.

Another point is the average doctor, be they hospital doctor or General Practitioner, is not that well informed about alcoholism. On may occasions when Jane has gone into hospital after a binge she has been told that she can't be an alcoholic. This is wrong. There are many binge drinkers and they are alcoholics. The only difference for binge drinkers is that the cycle of drinking is extended, but the addictive pull to drink is the same. The pull to drink just kicks-in, within inline with a different time scale.

This year she has started a more concerted effort to stop and is going to AA every day. Every morning she shows me her pills, Omega 3, Milk Thistle, Antabuse, Multivitamins and says, "here's the pills, watch me take them". She says this so that I can check her taking the Antabuse. This in important as it ensures she takes it every day. The effects of Antabuse lasts about one day.

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  1. Hi. nice blog.I've actually never tried drugs and don't plan on it. I've had an uncle that was addicted to marijuana and he lost part of his one leg in a car accident due to drugs. It's scary and I don't understand why someone would want to waste their life doing drugs. drug treament

  2. Hi, it is very nice website to leave a comment, actualy i dont take any drugs up to last one year, but recently I have been start a smoking, its weekly twice, pls tell me is there any effects are happen, I am having a little bit fear about.... afterthat start smoking i have little bit angry even little issues.....

    Alcohol abuse affects millions. This site has a lot of useful information.

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  3. Hi Jackwatsan

    Thanks for the comment. I don't know what you are smoking. But if it is cannabis (marijuana) then as far as I know it may be OK in small amounts but it is addictive (anything that produces a nice feeling is potentially addictive) and if smoked a lot it can damage the brain. It can lead to hallucinations and paranoia.

    It can also lead to harder drugs like cocaine etc. I know it's hard to stop drinking and Jane my partner was advised by a top specialist to try cannabis as a substitute to alcohol. She tried for a short while and stopped. The idea was that cannabis is less harmful than alcohol - but is it??

  4. Alcohol is injurious for health which destroys the life day by day. It should not be taken on daily basis.
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