Thursday, 10 January 2008

Alcoholism Stories

Alcoholism stories I have got in abundance. Here's one. Jane was staying at my house, which was a town house, with the living room on the first floor and the main windows on the first floor. This was some years ago and I wasn't living with her at the time. I was working at the time. I had locked the front door when I left for work despite the fact she was in the house and drunk.

I did this to try and keep her from getting more drink when the booze ran out. She has a habit of going to the local shops looking like a tramp, completely drunk and wide open to being mugged etc.

Anyway I left the key in the kitchen. About lunchtime I got a call from the fire service. They asked some questions to identify me and explained that Jane had called them to say she had been falsely imprisoned and could they release her. They came in force and erected the ladder to the first floor window and carried down from the window. The police where also there.

All this in full view of the neighbors etc. She immediately went to the town center and bought more booze. I had come back from work (very difficult to do as it was important work - I actually cried in front of my secretary, the first and only time I had done this. This was a release of the tension that I was under constantly) to hear about all this and to meet the fire service. I explained she was an alcoholic and that did the trick. Otherwise I could have been arrested or something like that.

Total chaos. Alcoholics cause total chaos and are totally destructive when drinking. Jane is also amazingly messy, disgustingly so when she drinks. She lies for days in the most horrific mess of food and Vodka and God knows what else. I takes a major clean up to get it back to normal, which is still a mess.

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