Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Alcoholism in Women

One reason for the increase in alcoholism in women could be the mental friction caused by the conflict between her innate programmed desire to be the home-maker and the current peer pressure to be an independent career woman.

Whether we like it or not men are programmed through hundreds of thousands of years of evolution to be the hunter gatherer. The female is likewise programmed to be a home maker. The former goes out and kills for food. He makes his way back home. He may travel far. The argument goes that in order to track an animal and get home he developed better orientation skills than the female. Those skills now translate into better map reading :-)

The female developed better socialising and communication skills staying at home. In modern society there is pressure on women to be more than "mere" home makers. Some women (perhaps many) will not want to be more and achieve more. This may cause friction.

Of course, for those who do make a career they are sometimes forced to play both roles - more opportunity for a drift to excessive drinking.

The new culture of "ladettes" (girls who behave as boys) is an extension of the above. I can't see the advantage of a girl wanting to be a boy and as a consequence drinking more and getting more unhealthy.

The only reason is that girls want to be more involved in the running of the world. It is still a man's world because the more aggressive character will always dominate.

Illustration of woman's face: copyright davide.tarasconi

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I'd like to hear the experiences of both alcoholics and the victims of alcoholics, please.