Thursday, 10 January 2008

New Drug for Alcoholism

A new drug for alcoholism? I'd be the happiest man in the UK if there was. In fact there'd be millions of extremely happy people. But no - there isn't, as far as I know. When I did a Google search for this the listing that was at the top of the page was one date 2004 about a drug called Campral (acamprosate) approved by the FDA.

At that time it was the first new drug approved for alcohol abuse in 10 years. Campral has been around in Europe for 18 years or so. It doesn't stop you drinking but helps prevent relapse appparently. Why haven't we been told about this. I have known Jane for a good 9 years or more.

This is the first I have heard of it and I should know what is available as Jane my alcoholic partner is seeing consultants, GPs and psychiatrists all the time and they would tell her. That said I'll ask around. But it would be shocking if this was available and no one told Jane the number of times she has been in hospital. I can only assume that it was a false dawn of expectation which often happens.

The only drug she takes to help prevent her drinking is Antabuse, which I have mentioned before and which is well known. It works to an extent but it does need supervision and belief in its effectiveness by the alcoholic.

There is another drug called Naltrexone. This is meant to stop craving. I heard about this some time ago. Nothing came of it and I forget why. I am sure that I researched this and once again it proved a false hope. The Google listing refering to this drug is dated Sept. 2005! The listing says "New Drug..." History now.

Antabuse came out apparently in 1994 so it is well established. Today Jane was depressed or down but she gamely struggled on and stayed active. This is important. To keep occupied and stay in the moment to stop thinking bad thoughts.

She went to see the psychiatrist today as well and also wen to AA - a busy day. She is having trouble with her health insurer BUPA paying the fee for the psychiatrist. But it has been approved now as far as I know. Although I don't hear a thing from her as to how it is going. I have to ask and I don't get much of an answer- sounds bad news to me.

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