Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Alcoholics Anonymous

I took Jane to Alcoholics Anonymous tonight. It was a new years resolution that she made after we had a discussion. I had thought that she wasn't committed enough in her desire to control her drinking.

It is also fair to say that I had felt that I had given up helping her. But if I was to make my life better it would pay me to help her. We would both be winners if I stepped in and did my bit.

Many years ago I helped a lot but I am now worn down by her alcoholism and felt that it was pretty much a lost cause.

You can't give up though. There are a number of AA venues near where we live so it was no difficult getting to a meeting.

I am also (once again) supervising her taking Antabuse every morning. We are therefore tackling the problem. These are pretty much the only tools that we have to control the problem.

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