Monday, 4 February 2008

Alcoholism Chat

Some more Alcoholism Chat. First things first, Jane is doing well. An air of calm (almost, but lets say more calm than before) has entered her. This would seem to be the effects of 2 things (a) no alcohol recently and (b) AA.

I am pretty well convinced that Jane's argumentative nature is in part due to having had small amounts of alcohol which make her more boisterous. I would have to confess to not helping some times.

Due to the stress I need a drink in the evening, not much though, as the downside is just not worth it. I might drink about one third of a bottle of wine. If I do say something about her drinking (and I usually don't as it is definitely out of bounds) it will be when I have had a glass of wine.

Bingo no go. I can't talk about booze with her. Sometimes to be brutally honest I would like to slip out of this life. Sounds bad but this blog is meant to be the unvarnished truth and I am tired.

Back to Jane. She is picking up. She says she has been sober for 5 weeks and seeks approval from me which I happily give and praise. I feel she has sucked the good from me and it has gone to her. I don't resent this - it's just the way it is.

Rising Phoenix a blogger made a nice comment on one of the posts and suggested that I get some help. I think I will. I have though become cynical over time so believe in little.

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