Friday, 28 March 2008

Alcoholics Anonymous Spirituality

Alcoholics Anonymous Spirituality is a real concept. I have not made a post on this diary for a long time because Jane, my alcoholic partner, is making real progress thanks to religiously sticking to visiting Alcoholics Anonymous every day.

She will have done her 90 days of visits (in a straight 90 days of course although this is not obligatory) come this Monday next. I am very impressed and relieved. It is wonderful to be living almost normally for once. Although I have known her and been her "boyfriend" (wrong word really for a nearly 60 year old person) for abut 9-10 years, I have only been living with her for the last year.

Last Christmas I was driven to starting this diary due to her misbehavior over Christmas, again. Since starting the Blog she has improved although she doesn't know about this diary.

I don't want to boast but I think and hope my presence has been the factor that has forced a change. Over the previous 9 years we lived apart and alone. She has been alcoholic for 25 years or more, binging every 3 weeks for a 3-9 day period each time.

I recommended AA. She had not felt in the past that it had worked. I insisted that she participate fully (an essential requirement I believe) and she has found friends and a spirituality (Alcoholics Anonymous Spirituality) in her life. She is still anxious and nervous with low self esteem but showing signs of being more self disciplined and in control of her life.

This control and discipline has extended to her drinking. The support found in and ambiance of AA meetings means she comes back from them happy. She also runs some mornings and comes back from those much happier too. It is an upward spiral just as drinking is a downward spiral.

She is yet to find a sponsor (and AA term for someone at AA who encourages and guides you). A sponsor would also guide you through the 12 stages, which are 12 "lessons" in which you teach yourself the error of your ways. She has done some of these but has a long way to go.

I will support her all the way and we will see if we can do the near impossible and turn her into a permanent recovering alcoholic (someone who was an alcoholic and controls it every day for the rest of their life) and a much better and happier person.

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Alcoholics Anonymous Spirituality to Pictures of cats (I like cats)

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