Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Alcoholic Chat

More of the same, alcoholic chat. I am off to the good ole US of A tomorrow for 10 days. I have built a website that is doing well (for animal charities actually) and I have a connection with people there. I want to thank people and try to build some relationships to make it even more successful.

So, the big question is, "will Jane stay sober while I am away?". And another one, "will Jane keep the place in reasonable shape?" No criticism meant but Jane is horrendously untidy and I am boringly very organized. Well not quite actually but fairly organized. I do the minimum to make life easier.

Anyway, I said to her, please keep it tidy. Actually I said, " I don't want to come back to a tip!" She said, "I'll keep it tidy 100% defo." I guess we'll see. She'll make it messy and then the day before I return she'll do a massive clear up, if she is sober.

She is managing well right now. No excessive drinking just the occasional little miniature on the way back from work. She might go to a supermarket and buy some food on the way home and there it is, a sweet, gorgeous looking little bottle of Vodka like a jewel in the window just begging to be bought. Please note that I have no evidence of this except that she comes back a little tipsy and argumentative and promptly falls asleep immediately I have done her dinner. Is she just tired or is she sleepy because of that lovely V? Or is it both? I guess and work on intuition. But intuition is good and reliable. We should depend on it as it brings together masses of tiny bits of knowledge that we have processed over our lives. Intuition gets better as we get older and I am old or at least I feel it. We notice small signs and relate that to out personal database of acquired information and then come to a conclusion, which is not necessarily certain but we should learn to trust it. It is a kind of 6th sense. A lot of good decisions can be based on it if we learn to use and trust it.

I do and Jane drinks on the way home. But it is not severe. Just a little abnormal. She will never drink in front of me or with me. She will never admit to drinking. She will always argue and become hostile if I suggest she is drunk. I nearly always keep quite. Is that good for a relationship? I'll do some more alcoholic chat while I am in the USA.

Alcoholic chat to Christmas Alone

Am I going to be alone this Christmas? She always always has a 7 day binge at Christmas. I dread Christmas.

Alcoholic Chat - Photo: published under an Attribution 2.0 Generic - photo by True Russian Vodka


  1. Welcome to America, Freddie!!
    I hope your trip is fruitful.
    Please don't let anyone stop you from blogging on this issue. I've had you in my favorites for over a year. It has helped me in many ways and I would be disappointed not to hear from you again. I'm praying your Christmas is joyful this year. Sounds like Jane is trying! Hope you go home to a neat house. May I ask what state you are visiting?

  2. Hi Anon

    I'm in Texas just outside Dallas. It's warm and I brought the wrong clothes! Thanks for the comments. They encourage me to keep Blogging. It is appreciated.


I'd like to hear the experiences of both alcoholics and the victims of alcoholics, please.