Friday, 7 August 2009

Alcoholism is Destructive

It is an up and down life - photo by prisonerjohn

I guess we know that alcoholism is destructive but it came home to me today. Jane has been doing pretty well really. She still drinks but in a slightly more controlled way. Rather than binges every 2-3 weeks that last about a week to ten days with 3 weeks to recover including hospitalisation she was drinking secretly on the way back from work sometimes, getting home tipsy and going to bed very early and a bit drunk - not bad!. She was able to work like this. Some days she abstained. It is about as good as it can get.

The stability was good for the household. There was predictability and a degree of reliability too. These are important factors in a relationship. They help to build the relationship and keep it on track. It was about half way to normal. But as always she screws up and has been on a binge for 3-4 days. Her job is on the line and it unravels all the constructive work in solidifying the relationship.

Alcoholism is destructive to a relationship. It causes arguments. And she scares me when she is drunk. She can do the most outrageous things when drunk and cause all kinds of trouble. This puts me on edge. The calm is shattered and the unpredicable replaces cosy predictability.

She can fall over, walk out into the street and get mugged or walk into traffic. I am more or less waiting for something nasty to happen. This also puts me on edge and there is nothing I can do to stop her.

Anway, she is stopping she says! We will see tomorrow if she is sober. I asked her to call work but she didn't. She treats her employer like sh*t.

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