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Non Alcoholic Pina Colada

kiwi colada a drink
Try a Kiwi Colada instead - photo by MadMan the Mighty

I wish my partner had liked non alcoholic Pina Colada! (to be should be spelled Piña Colada - the lady in the second video down pronounces the word correctly by the way). Or I wish she liked non alcohol vodka! Actually, she does very occasionally like to drink non alcoholic beer. But that is not really her style. The Pina Colada was made famous (for me) by Del Boy in Only Fools and Horses (a UK comedy TV series that finished many years ago but which is still extremely popular). It was one of Del Boy's favorites, all dressed up in a cocktail glass. The recipe for the pina colada is:
  • 1 measure white/golden rum
  • 2 measures pineapple juice
  • 2 measures coconut cream
  • Garnish: A slice of pineapple and/or a maraschino cherry or a slice of orange
Here is Del Boy - no reason except it is hilarious:

Here is the recipe for Pina Colada in a video:

The recipe might be a bit different to the one above in words!

Non alcoholic Pina Colada is the same but you just remove the alcohol bit! The drink is called, Virgin piña colada or piñita colada.

I could have said that in one line. What about this drink? Well they say it was invented/created by a bartender, Mr. Ramon Portas Mingot, in the Barrachina restaurant in Old San Juan, Peurto Rico. Here is the location of the restaurant according to Google:

The website for the Barrachina restaurant, which is still running says that the restaurant is one block from the Governor's mansion called La Fortaleza. But Google disagrees.

La Fortaleza is more than one block away. If you zoom in on the map above using the controls you will see La Fortaleza next to the sea going west from the restaurant.

The picture below is of the plaque recognising the invention of the Pina Colda by Ramon Portas Mingot. (Picture is published under Wikimedia Commns license - author Alessandro Cai (OliverZena))

plaque commemorating Mignots as the creator of the Pina Colada drink

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