Thursday, 31 March 2011

Update from a victim of an alcoholic

Look, I know that it is a bit extreme to call myself a "victim" as I put myself here. But it is not all about free choice. The emotional ties are strong. You are in a very difficult place when you get stuck with an alcoholic. You know you have to leave but you find it very difficult.

However, as I said, I am leaving because it is the right thing to do - hard though it is.

I am buying my own home. I am struggling with this because it is sh*t buying a place in London, England. It is competitive and very expensive and....I could go on.

I expect to be out of here in about a month or two. Then this diary will become something different.

I intend to still see Jane but not as an alcoholic lying in her filth. I want to see only the good bits of her and only have the nice experiences.

I feel depressed about it and worried about it all. I must go on. It is the only way forward.


  1. freddie fox I am the daughter of an alcoholic I am begging you LEAVE take that step and GO think of yourself be selfish but not in a bad way you have put yourself last and her first LOVE does that, PURE.. DESTRUCTIVE LOVE. but you must also think wheres the love to yourself? find the person you've lost the man you are truely the man you were and give yourself a chance at happiness My mother is my fathers prisoner he abuses her emotionally he abuses all of us emotionally but there is the day and i pray for that day to come and im pushing for that day to come when you say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH LOVE YOURSELF CARE FOR YOURSELF LOVE JANE BY NOT ENABALING HER LOVE HER BY LEAVING HER AND LET YOURSELF HEAL HEAL THAT CUT THAT IS DEEP IN THE HEART IN THE SOUL AND SLOWLY YOU'LL SEE HAPPINESS YOU'LL RID YOURSELF OF THAT DEPRESSION LOVE YOURSELF FREDDIE FOX

  2. I am considering the same step this June. Taking both my children to stay with family for a summer vacation or possibly a year. Depends how I feel while out there. Somehow it feels right. I hope so. Good luck to you.


I'd like to hear the experiences of both alcoholics and the victims of alcoholics, please.