Monday, 6 October 2008

Alcoholic chat

Yep, more alcoholic chat because a kind soul said he/she missed my blog - thanks for that. Jane is still recovering from the appendix operation she shouldn't have had (see botched operation - alcoholism kills). Her recovery is taking for ever. Her expectations for recovery were misplaced by incorrect information given by a nurse. Some of the nurses in UK hospitals have lost or were never taught how to provide customer care.

Anyway back to good ole booze. Jane continues to drink from time to time while recovering from her appendix operation that went wrong. This slows recovery plus she is lazy. Sorry but it is true.

She is scheduled to restart work in about 3 weeks and she'll need retraining. I am p**sed off because she drank her usual neat Vodka over the weekend, ruining Sunday, abandoning me and asking if I have forgiven her. I said yes but meant no. At least she realized the severity of the downside if she started a real 7 day binge. No job (possible), no me (probable - is that bad?) and much more.

Well that's it for alcoholic chat for the moment. Conclusion: no change. Once she starts work she'll be under more stress and start binging again properly. She isn't going to AA which she could do. No commitment I am afraid. Sorry.


  1. Seems to me, if someone has an appendix removed for no reason, the hospital and doctors should be held responsible. They knew she was a regular in the ER, had to know she has a major drinking problem. Just a thought. Certainly, with booze running through her veins, it will take a very long time to recover from that.

    There's an old song "We always hurt the ones we love, the ones we shouldn't hurt at all". So true.

    I had an uncle I loved very much. He used to get up in the AM and drink an entire glass of whiskey straight - like we would drink OJ. He had to, I guess. Trouble followed him wherever he went. A couple of months later he killed himself. Just couldn't get out from under the security blanket of alcohol. I was sad but mostly ANGRY with him. I hope Jane can find her way back to life.

  2. welcome back! as an alcoholic myself (yes, i do admit it. i'm struggling through recovery), it's quite interesting to hear the POV of people who are living with people like me. keep writing, i beg you. it's actually helping me a lot! :)


  3. Hi Lindsey. Thanks for the comment. I wish you well on the toughest of journeys to full recovery.

    I could make more posts but I am too busy. Your sort of comment motivates me.


I'd like to hear the experiences of both alcoholics and the victims of alcoholics, please.