Monday, 27 October 2008

Alcoholism chat

More alcoholism chat.......It's time for a 4 day update. I'm still alive and so is she. She worked part-time last week and struggled not having had sufficient time to get over her last binge that she completed barely 2 days before restarting work after a long lay off (due indirectly to alcoholism). She needs a good 4 days minimum to get over a 5 day binge and it can take a lot more (3 weeks if she is hospitalized).

Anyway, she struggled through and well done. Every time she comes through a binge (and sometimes I am not sure she will) she says that it will be the last. Do I believe her? Well, would you if she had being doing it for 25 years like clockwork?

She has just finished cleaning/tidying her bedroom. This takes about 4 days usually as it looks like a old tramps hovel after a binge, full of spilt booze, wet duvet, wet sticky floor, vomit, biscuit fragments, curry bits, smelly buckets, broken glass, clothes, papers, pills and more pills............and the gruesome smell of stale sick...........Ah lovely....

Photograph - love this classy photo by εїзⓡⓘⓔ™ and published under a Attribution 2.0 Generic creative commons license - thanks....

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