Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Alcoholism Dementia and Pills

Alcoholism is linked to dementia. I think alcoholism can cause a type of dementia. And it is not uncommon for alcoholics to eat badly too. A lack of a good diet can be an exacerbating factor.

Then there are the bloody pills. It seems that if you are alcoholic you might also be depressed and if depressed you might lean on pills more than others. Prozac comes to mind and anti-depressants such as amitriptyline (help sleep and other things).

OK lots of pills and booze cannot be good for the brain or the body. Jane ingests all this stuff and she is beginning to pay the price it seems to me and it is very worrying for us both.

Although I am not completely sure, it seems that Jane is suffering from at least memory loss but it may go wider than that. There may be cognitive loss too or even dementia.

This may in part or in whole be due to a recent botched operation (long time under anesthetic).

I think it is a combination of all these things. It is motivating Jane to stop binge drinking - a great silver lining. But Jane is worried and it affects work.

You can't ingest poisons for years (pills and alcohol) that affect your brain function and not have some negative consequences. I hope anyone reading this who is alcoholic realises that. You will suffer brain damage eventually. Do you want that? Do you care about that?

Photo: Dark Alcoholism by Bousure (Flickr)


  1. hi im pam 38 from scotland, i am an alcoholic, my parents were too, my dad can hardly walk now due to drink, i was born with a rare heart condition,
    now i live with an alkie (sorry scottish slang), and its destroying me xx my email is kjay113@hotmail.com hope to hear from you x

  2. Hi Pam, I am sorry to hear of your illness. It will destroy your mind and body.

    But I don't think this is your fault. Your family seems to be predisposed to it and your parents are alcoholics which must have set you off in the wrong direction.

    I feel sorry for you. Life is destroyed by the dreaded Mr V (vodka).

    Good luck and take care.

  3. Love your pic there. I think of Salvador Dali when I saw it (or some horrifying twist of it :)

    Anyway, If you are ever published somewhere (which you should be, you're awesome, I've been reading ur posts 4 quite some time now.

  4. Four years of being called horrible names, him yelling, waking up to drink at 6am, urinating on himself....leading up to a climax where he tried to kill me with a lead pipe in front of my children. He swears that he did nothing to hurt me and is innocent. He has completely manufactured a story in which I am the villan and he is the victim. If there were not 5 witnesses there at the time I would almost believe him myself. He is out of jail now and doing his best to convince anyone that will listen about how horrible I am and how wrongly accused he was. With no legal monitoring of his alcoholic intake I'm afraid he will once again get him to the point of violence. It's a very sad, hurtful and confusing disease and I've learned more about it than I ever wanted to.


I'd like to hear the experiences of both alcoholics and the victims of alcoholics, please.