Friday, 5 December 2008

Alcoholic Chat

planet of the apes
Photo by krotpong

Here's a bit of senseless alcoholic chat. Humans, as a whole, drink millions of tons (hundreds of thousands of tons?) of alcohol each year. Booze is ethanol alcohol dressed up to make it more marketable and taste better. When we buy wine it looks like something other than ethanol alcohol. It looks special, rare. It's a science, an art and a financial investment. People talk about is as something other than a means to remove oneself from the realities of world at least temporarily.

Is this guilt? Are we covering up our deep emotional need to get out? Humans seem to uncomfortable in their own skins. When we get older we need more booze. This is because we become tired of the world and have a greater desire to remove ourselves from it. I am speaking generally, of course.

My cat doesn't seem to need to get drunk. She just lives and accepts. Humans as a whole aren't that smart but are we too smart for this world? Our intelligence makes us self-conscious (i.e. aware of ourselves, cats aren't aware of themselves) and we then ask questions about life that invariably cause emotional problems. If we just lived in the moment we would have less desire to consume ethanol.

Animals don't need booze to live. Humans live their lives in quiet desperation. Are humans showing their acute deficiencies in their desire to drink? Will we one day destroy it all and revert to less intelligent animals again and be more at peace with our place in the world? More dumb alcoholic chat.

Alcoholic Chat to here comes trouble (Christmas)


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