Sunday, 1 June 2008

Alcoholic Partner Chat

Alcoholic Partner Chat has got to include a short post about William Shatner. I didn't realise until recently that he married an alcoholic and he knew she was alcoholic before he married her. In fact, Leonard Nemoy, Spock from the Star Treck series had warned Shatner about his then girlfriend's alcoholism. He knew anyway. William Shatner says that Leonard Nemoy was also an alcoholic who was recovering from his alcoholism. You can see how widespread it is in the world.

The world is not what we think it is, it really isn't. What it looks like is very far from what it is. Anyway, William had a rough ride as expected but he didn't expect it to be that rough. Living with an alcoholic is bad bad bad. One of the problems is that when they are not drunk they don't behave that well. This may be because they want to get drunk and can't and/or they hate the world so much that it makes them irritable. Remember the personal characteristics that make a person an alcoholic can also present themselves as rather unpleasant behavior in other aspects of that person's life. In other word the characteristics that make a person an alcoholic can also make them behave badly when they are sober.

Also it is difficult for an alcoholic being sober. They want a drink and know they shouldn't. This is difficult to deal with. It makes you unsettled I would have thought. On edge and edgy.

This adds to the difficulty in living with an alcoholic partner. More Alcoholic Partner Chat later......

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