Monday, 9 June 2008

Alcoholism Psychology

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I have to play my own little game of Alcoholism Psychology to try and get Jane to control her alcoholism.

In addition to constantly (but gently) reminding her that she is starting to drink more after starting her new job, I have reminded her that my promise to her of a new wide screen flat panel TV will not be forthcoming next Christmas if she continues to drink as she is at present.

When she started going to AA after last Christmas I decided to add another motivator to try and stop her drinking. I promised that I'd buy her a large flat panel TV if she stayed dry until after Christmas 2009. As she likes watching TV a lot that should be a motivator. She has been hankering after a big modern TV for some time. The idea was to have a 2 pronged approach. The discipline of the AA meetings (the hard approach) and the reward (the softer approach) of a TV. She also always drinks at Christmas so it may help to stop that.

Well, she has not remained dry but she is more open about drinking as she admits it when I mention it. In the past if I even mentioned drinking she would go off at the deep end and become very defensive. So that is progress of a sort.

Although her drinking at the moment is not damaging her work as she is not binging for days on end as before, she is on a route that will end up with a binge unless she is very careful. She admits that this is true and has promised to go to AA today, one of her days off. Lets see. She is fearful of losing her job, which is a bit of personal Alcoholism Psychology.

When she binges she does so for many days and drinks a bottle or more of Vodka out of the bottle each day. This has resulted in some severe health problems like pancreatitis, which is life threatening.

We all know that a promise made by an alcoholic about alcohol is next to worthless but there is only one way forward - for me to keep up the pressure. I have not withdrawn the promise of a new TV - yet - but have warned her this morning that if she continues to drink as she is there will be no TV.

The trouble with that is I will lose a motivator and a bit of Alcoholism Psychology.

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  1. You may want to try a couple of Al Anon meetings. It may help you. It helped me. They have a website for all areas. Maybe just try a couple of meetings.


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