Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Another sign of alcoholism

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Here's another rather clean cut sign of alcoholism (or two or three). You come home from work at about 3 pm (you have done an early shift). You get in your home. Your partner is at home. There is silence - the first sign of alcoholism.

You go into the bedroom as Jane is in bed. The next sign. The sun is blazing outside and the bedroom curtains are drawn. Another sign. You smell a faint smell of marzipan, the smell of metabolized alcohol on the breath - another sign.

You say hi!..............nothing. She is in bed. You go into the kitchen and there is broken glass on the floor. There is a towel on the floor. It is wet and stained red. The glass is green. More signs of alcoholism.

She has been drinking since I left for work and she broke a bottle a wine, probably her second because she must have been drunk when she got hold of it.

She'll struggle to be ready for work tomorrow. I'll have to help get her up and out of the door to protect her job.

I've written this 10 mins after experiencing all the above.

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