Wednesday, 11 June 2008

My Alcoholic Partner

bottle of wine hanging
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My Alcoholic Partner was doing well when she was off work between jobs. Now she is working she is slipping again.

She attended AA for 5 months daily and it helped. Now when she has days off she drinks and is not going to AA anymore.

Today she went shopping. She bought some wine for me and herself. She drank one bottle on the way home and finished if off after she got home. I found out when I saw the bottle. This is unusual as she is usually more secretive and it can be hard to find the booze. She admitted to it after I found it and woke her up. It knocked her out. She has been in bed all day and just called out,"are you OK?". I said, "as good as I can be while you are behaving so badly".

The wine she drank was good, Berberana, Reserva 2003 Rioja. Total waste as she could have drunk anything.

My Alcoholic Partner is heading towards a true binge. I warned her of this today. If she binges she'll eventually lose her job. She has spent 7 months finding work and I helped. She agreed it was getting worse again. I have always thought that she is not truly fit for work. We should re-jig our lives so she doesn't do full time work. This would be less stressful and give her time to go to AA more often and truly prioritize AA meetings and controlling her drinking.

I'm thinking of going to Al anon as this is getting depressing.

My Alcoholic Partner to Alcoholic partner

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