Monday, 2 June 2008

Alcoholic Partner

Hi, this is a quick update. My alcoholic partner is now working. She is under more stress and actually I got her to admit that she had a drink the other day. It was on both her days off. She actually thinks that I can't notice. And when I dare mention it (which is rarely as she completely loses it and gets very defensive) I do so with trepidation.

So, on her days off she is now drinking to the point where she "feels tired" at about 4 pm and goes to bed not long after. This leaves me alone. When she is working she "feels tired" and goes to bed quite soon after getting back from work. This also leaves me alone. It's tough.

I know I am moaning but, you know, I can't help it. I just hope she doesn't have a full blown binge because that may scupper her job. The last two employer were pretty tolerant of long periods of absence but then she is a bl**dy good lier when she calls in sick about 10 days after not turning up to work.

All that said she has officially been sober for about 5 months. She will not give back her AA disks (I kind of medal for passing certain periods of abstinence) even though she has been drunk.

There is it. One last thing - she is an alcoholic partner but I don't have to stay with her, I know that.

Alcoholic partner to alcoholic partner

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