Monday, 16 June 2008

Sign of Alcoholism

Day for Night, night for day, who knows - the unreal world of an alcoholic - photo copyright *CA* published under creative commons license - thanks.

One Sign of Alcoholism is telling your partner, immediately after breakfast, at about 10 am, and after an excellent nights sleep, that you are tired and sleepy and then insisting that you go to bed, with the curtains drawn. That is what Jane has just done to me right now.

This is the morning of the first of her two days off and immediately she hits the old bottle. In fact she was on it yesterday afternoon as she was slurring her words and went to bed very early (about 7 pm) saying she was exhausted. Yep, she is genuinely tired from work but she is also drinking and as usual "brick-wall" denying it at every occasion.

She said she would take me to my job today but this looks a little unlikely. My work starts at 3 pm and I expect her to be in bed and drunk when I come back at about 10:30 pm. Worse, I don't think she will get out of bed until she has to go back to work on Wednesday. Over and out, bye bye and good night. This is a simple sign of alcoholism...........

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