Sunday, 1 June 2008

Alcoholic Partner Chat

Alcoholic Partner Chat is chat about me and how I cope living with an alcoholic partner. I haven't made a past for quite a long time as I have been busy doing other things and anyway my partner has been pretty good for some time. That was mainly due to being off work (between jobs) and going to Alcoholics Anonymous every day for about 5 months. That routine and me pushing her to go did the trick.

She seemed to form a new routine in life centered around the AA meetings and she did "service" at the AA meetings. Doing "service" means doing something useful at the meeting to help. She has also organized a sponsor (another AA term in which experienced AA members who have been off the booze for a long time mentor others).

But and this is a big but she is now working and the stress of going to work is driving her to drink in the evenings and on her days off. She is not back binging yet (meaning drinking in bed for 7 days) but is, I fear, on the slippery slope towards a binge and this caused yet another row yesterday evening.

She had said that she'd go to AA on Sunday but backed out and promised she'd go yesterday and didn't as she was too tired. I can understand that completely but she has to steel herself if she is to rise to the challenge of beating alcoholism. It is almost impossible to beat it unless you are vigilant and purposeful about beating it all the time and she frankly lacks the will to be like that.

That's my Alcoholic Partner Chat for the morning.

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