Friday, 1 August 2008

Alcoholism and death

alcoholism and death
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This is another short post on alcoholism and death as Jane gets nearer than most to it some of the time.

She has been out of hospital for about 4 days now. She is very poorly still. The surgeons screwed up the operation to remove an appendix that didn't need removing because Jane was in hospital with stomach pains as a result of an alcoholic binge. Surgeons have to play safe and they removed a healthy appendix because a bad one can kill. The trouble was they admit to cutting an artery, which bled internally for 4 days before they inspected with keyhole surgery. The original operation was done with keyhole surgery too. The third operation was done the old fashioned way and has left a 12 inch wound down the middle of her stomach which is very painful. It bleeds and oozes and causes a lot of discomfort. At one time in hospital I thought she might not come out. She shouldn't have gone in.

If you're an alcoholic you can find yourself in the above situation, a situation that we would not normally find ourselves in. How many times do we go to hospital? 3 in 50 years maybe. Not half a dozen in one year. And every time you go there, to the dreaded hospital where the nurses treat you like an object to be processed, you just might to come out again and there is no guarantee that you'll get fixed up either.

Jane will have to be patient and wait up to 6 weeks to recover from her operation. Hell, this is a long journey that should never have been started.

Steer clear of hospitals if you can particularly the NHS ones. Alcoholism and death are bedfellows in a hospital.

This chart shows the increase in hospital admissions for alcoholism in Britain put down to the introduction of more lenient licensing laws for Public Houses.

Alcoholism and death to the start of this story

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