Sunday, 10 August 2008

How Alcoholism Kills

alcohol kills
photo by chrisjohnbeckett

Do you want to know how alcoholism kills? By alcoholics putting themselves into situations that are dangerous. Eventually if you do it enough times you'll get badly hurt or worse. Take Jane.

She went to hospital after a binge (usual stuff). Got diagnosed with appendicitis (incorrectly). Had a botched operation. Had two more to repair the first. Got a massive scar down the middle of the stomach. Got signed of work for at least 6 weeks after leaving hospital, where she was for two weeks. She almost got killed in hospital.

She gets bored because she can't do anything because of the operation. She drinks when she is bored. She get blind drunk with a weeping gaping wound in her belly (the healing scar). She gets out of bed for food blind drunk. She falls over on a hard floor. She gets knocked out. She goes back to bed.

She gets up again about 12 hours later to go to the toilet. She falls over again and gets knocked out. Both times she could have been killed or her scar opened up.

She has survived 3 possible moments when she could have been seriously injured or worse. Life goes on. One day it won't. That's how alcoholism kills.

How Alcoholism Kills to alcoholism madness

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