Saturday, 16 August 2008

Still Drinking

Jane is still drinking despite recovering from a serious but unnecessary and botched operation to her abdomen. She was ill before she started a mini-binge. She has now started a another mini-binge which is becoming a maxi-binge. Jane has an appointment to see a nurse tomorrow to ascertain if her operation wound (a 10-12 inch scar) is healing OK and in the not too distant future she has to have a medical examination for her employer. At the rate she is going at she may not even make the employer's examination. She will certainly miss tomorrow's.

She looks a wreck. Her bruising on her head (due to falling over several times onto the hard floor) has gone down but her left eye is badly bruised. That won't go away in a hurry. Things aren't looking good. I mentioned this to her this morning when I took some food in (I gave her a toasted cheese sandwich for breakfast). She looked totally unconcerned about the medicals. She is definitely still drinking and it could be a ten day binge that will probably lead to hospitalisation. She may go back to the hospital that conducted the botched operation for appendicitis.

I was going to say that it goes from bad to worse. But actually it never could get worse.

Still drinking to How Alcoholism Kills


  1. I've been reading your blog for about two months now and I wonder what "Jane" would think if she read all of this. Do you know alcoholism is a disease? If so, would you be blogging if she had cancer? You choose to be are not married. Seems to me you just can't handle being on your own. Leave her alone if you can't help her. Humiliating her is cruel and that is exactly what you are doing.

  2. Hi, thanks for the comment. I take your point but I don't think I am humiliating her as she is anonymous as I am. The name is fictitious.

    It is true but anonymous. The intention to give an insight into the alcoholism.

    I am not sure it is a disease, more mental condition. Is that a disease.

    I have rights to. She hurts me. But this blog is not meant to hurt her just help other alcoholics understand that what they do hurts others more than they think. It may help them take more responsibility for their actions.

    Further I am being painfully honest myself. It is sign of my weakness as well.

  3. Sorry Freddie ut I agree with anonyous comments. Please take the picture of Jane off the site I find it humiliating and gratuitous. And yes alcoholism is a disease. I also agree that if you cannot help her leave and I find the whole idea of her paying you for being her carer bizare.

  4. Hi, thanks for the comments. This site is trying to be helpful. It is trying to show what really happens. There is far to much pretense in the world. It informs alcoholics what it is like living with them. That should help them to curb their drinking and take stock.

    The picture header is partially blacked out. It might not be Jane. It could be set up. Please don't presume that it is Jane.

    I am helping her. And she is not paying me to be her carer. It is simply that the lodger payments that I make can sometimes feel like that (i.e. when she is drinking).

    Neighbors attest that her behavior has improved markedly with my presence as it has a stabilising influence on her.

    I understand your concerns and a sensitive to them, but the bottom line is that my life and her life is better generally when we are together. Particularly her life. She, I would say, benefits far more than me in many ways; more than simply stabilising things. I am no saint far from it but I contribute big time.

    I am prepared to delete the site but I believe that it has value and not just to me. Remember alcoholics only begin to resolve their problems when they go public.


  5. Upate: I taken to heart the comment made about the header picture and changed it. There I do listen and act upon it.


  6. Freddie - The debate is still ppen re alcoholism being a disease OR a mental illness. Comparing it to Cancer is not helpful Anonymous. Peegee - I would not in my wildest imaginings call what Freddie is doing gratuitous.

    It is good that you have a voice for the victims of alcoholics. Many alcoholics refuse to see this and I honestly believe that the sooner they see it the stronger they will be to fight, once they accept it. Many dont and wont, and then you should walk away. Mnay do.


I'd like to hear the experiences of both alcoholics and the victims of alcoholics, please.