Sunday, 3 August 2008

Alcoholism madness

alcoholism madness
Photo by Stefano Liboni

Here's a bit of alcoholism madness. I'll keep this short because it makes me too mad. Jane came out of hospital a week ago with a 12" long scare that would take a month to heal for an operation she shouldn't have had - read the beginning of the story here. Anyway what does she do back home? She won't eat properly, never has but she lost weight in hospital and needs to eat more than usual to build back muscle and heal her scar and get energy to allow her to get back to normal. She eats less than the stray cat I feed, Timmy (seriously). She shits less than him too.

Worse, she starts drinking neat Vodka and takes to the bed, which is where she is right now. She's been there for the day and the previous night, she denies drinking (when she can speak) but has a bottle of Vodka next to her. She gets up to have a pee and falls over nearly killing herself as there is hard flooring in the flat (apartment). She fell over about 3 years ago and put a dent in her head, it's still there. Lucky she didn't fracture her skull badly.

She wants me to get her some food. I refused as I am too mad. What makes me mad is that I have struggled to get her out of hospital and better and she in effect walks out on me, disappears when she drinks. I simply don't see her. It is like she walked out on me. And this makes me mad.

Her sister called and I ranted away at her. Her mother called and I did the same.

Jane has been signed off work for a month more. This is going to make her bored and when she's bored she drinks. She also drinks when she is stressed and when the sky is blue and when it's raining and when she is happy and............................Alcoholism madness

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