Thursday, 14 August 2008

Injury through alcoholism

alcoholism glass and bottle
photo by Jeremy Castillo (creative commons license)

I have talked about alcoholism and death several times and recently when Jane kept falling over on a hard floor when completely drunk. She did this after coming back from hospital for an operation that should never have happened. Well she just got drunk again and just fell over again.

I'd gone out to get some food. She had already started a mini-binge the evening before. I could tell because she was happy and then sleepy and then her bedroom smelt of the bl**dy stuff. I don't mean the smell of Vodka out of a bottle but the smell of processed Vodka in air after it has been drunk and comes out in the breath. I know it all too well.

Anyway, I walk into the flat and at that very moment she is staggering into the kitchen looking for food. She staggers towards the fridge, opens it, looks in, turns and trips. She smashes all the cat food on the floor to the four corners of the kitchen, falls towards the living room and collapses with thump and then the dull thud of her head hitting the hard floor.

I left her there. You know, I was so sick of it, I just left her there to come around. Either she was knocked out or she was faking it but she lay there for about 10 minutes and then got up. I helped her back to her bedroom. First, I said, "crawl back" but she got up.

She now has the 10 inch scar from the unnecessary operation and a bl**dy big bruise and cut over her left eye and black eye. Plus she is about a stone underweight and unkempt. She is lucky she didn't damage her scar as it is not healed yet. She could open it up. Right that's it for the morning update. Onwards and downwards.

Injury through alcoholism to another sign of alcoholism

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