Saturday, 29 December 2007

An alcoholics tricks

In my last post I said that I had been keeping an eye on the level of Vodka in bottle that was not hidden and that is was going down as Jane secretly (she thought) drunk her way through it. Hell, she must have been pleased to see that bottle. Why don't I clear the home entirely of booze, surely that would stop her? NO.

She'll just go out and buy some whether she is drunk or not and if she goes out and buys some booze when she is drunk she is vulnerable. She can go outside to the shops in a very drunk and very disheveled state; no dignity, no pride.

She has been mugged in the past or so she says. In one period some 3 years ago she had about 6 crimes committed against her in the same number of weeks; so she said. And there was, on the face of it, physical evidence (broken glass etc) to back it up. Was it all true? Who knows. She is vulnerable though, that is obvious.

Anyway back to Alcoholics Trick No.1. When she drinks from a bottle that is not hidden by her (most are), she will top it up with water after taking a slug to make it look like the original level.

She did it tonight with the Vodka bottle I mentioned in the previous post only she over did it, a lot. Same old, same old crazy sad games and I'm playing them as well so I'm bl**dy sad to.

You don't realize how insidious it all is and how it changes you.

Photograph reproduced under creative commons copyright kpisdadi

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