Tuesday, 25 December 2007

The Police and the Ambulance

This happens but I didn't expect it this time. At about 9:25 I hear her making a phone call. At about 9:30 pm she comes out the bedroom with a bag packed. I ask her where she is going. No answer. She leaves the flat. She kneels down in the lobby and forward (see picture). I ask her to come in. She refuses. It's cold. I bring a fleece as she is wearing T shirt.

I guess she has called an ambulance. She does this sometimes as she can't stop making herself sick. But this wasn't the case this time as she had barely started to make herself sick.

I hear a siren. I see 2 police cars arrive and a little later an ambulance. I stay in the flat. I hear her being hysterical and see her being helped to the ambulance. She was not in that state beforehand so this is acting.

She desperately wants someone to love her but she makes you hate her. She obtains attention by creating scenes in which she is the needy person. This is a bad way of getting short term fixes of TLC. Before I get criticized I have given thousands of hours of my time to help her and she has just lied to me and played games. I have loved her and helped her many times.

Anyway, back to now. After she was put in the ambulance, the police came to see me. I was in shock, to be honest, as I though she had made a false allegation about me to the police. She is prone to creating scenes like this and lying to the authorities. She does this without any real thought as to the consequences. This is a very dangerous thing to do.

As it happened the police asked what had happened and I told them (the exact truth, it needs to be told). The police said they had been here before and knew she was an alcoholic.

They said she had said that she had been mugged. We spoke for about 10 minutes and they left, then spoke with the ambulance crew and came back and told me she was being taken to Charing Cross Hospital, one of her usual places.

That's it - the end of a weird and utterly destroyed and depressing Christmas and she made it like that. And yes I know it's a disease but she has never really embraced the methods to cure herself of it. She would deny that but I'll discuss that later.

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