Thursday, 27 December 2007

Alcoholism Christmas Alone

I have decided to to give my partner a fictional name "Jane" as it is easier to type:) OK with that out the way, what is going down around here this morning?

Jane (yeh, Jane is great to type.....) is still in hospital and I'm still alone getting through the Christmas food that she bought for two. As all the food is for two I am preparing it (it is convenience food) and eating it over two days by reheating the second day. Actually it tastes better the second day.

Jane phoned yesterday from hospital, twice. On the first occasion I said I wasn't sure that I wanted to talk to her and that was end of the conversation. I was still mad she screwed up Christmas and called the police (see previous post - she had rung the police claiming she had been mugged, the police told me). Thats caused 2 police cars and 4 police officers and an ambulance crew to turn up. Terrifying and pure mayhem.

That was all on Christmas eve and now it's all calm and lonely. On the second time she called we spoke and she said she'll be out of hospital in a day or two and she'll come back and give me my presents. I told her that if she couldn't give me them at Christmas I didn't want them.

Was I childish? I don't think so. Every Christmas she gets blind drunk just before Christmas and sleeps and creates mayhem through the whole thing, having been the one who wants Christmas. Sometimes she gives her presents (and she buys presents that are far to expensive - appeasements) weeks if not months after Christmas. This has got to stop and it's got to be more normal. My patience just runs out sometimes.

Inside, I'm still mad at her. Her sister rang yesterday. I told her what had happened as she asked if all was OK - it definitely wasn't.

I expect Jane to be out of hospital tomorrow. The thing is when she gets back from hospital, she is frequently still fragile and a bit poorly so things are still not back to normal. If she goes on a full binge of say 7 -10 days it'll take about 3-4 weeks in all from the beginning of the binge to returning to "normal" after hospital.

It's that disruptive to our lives. It dominates our lives and in my opinion she doesn't try hard enough to cure herself of her alcoholism. More on this...

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