Monday, 24 December 2007

The Cause of Alcoholism

What causes alcoholism? There are many causes, I am sure. There is normally a predisposition to it that is inherited. This is compounded by events in early life normally created by your parents or close relatives.

I know what has caused my girlfriend to become an alcoholic. I'll write about it many times in this blog. If if any women reads this and cynically thinks, "yeh, it's you, you bastard", well you're very wrong. She became an alcoholic many many years before I met her.

Because I loved her I didn't recognize that she was alcoholic until about 3 months into our relationship. That sounds strange. You would have thought I would have spotted it easily.

Well there are several reasons why I didn't. One is that I had never met an alcoholic before and you expect someone to be a bit drunk when you see them drinking. You are programmed to judge drunkenness after seeing people drink or under certain conditions.

You are not expecting to see someone drunk at anytime day or night. Combine that with an ability of the alcoholic to hide the act of drinking and the drunkenness and it can take time.

You've also got to factor in that I was in love so you don't see the bad things.

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