Friday, 28 December 2007

Short Binge

Jane is back from the Hospital after her regular Christmas Binge. I just picked her up. It's been a very minor session by her standards, having started binging on Christmas eve and coming out of hospital on the 28th December. She had to make a point of leaving hospital otherwise they tend to keep her in too long.

The first thing she did when she got back was make her room presentable. As you can see from the picture she makes a terrible mess of her room when she binges.

However it is not usual for her to tidy her room on returning from hospital. She normally does it a good day or two later.

She had a porter push her in a wheel chair from the ward which I thought strange since she was well able to walk and walking would have helped to get her back to normal. In fact she could have been in the lobby of the hospital when I arrived but no. That meant difficult parking etc.

I had a longish chat with her sister on the phone and we agreed on a number of points. One of which was that Jane needed to see a psychiatrist. I told her she was seeing one but that I was not sure it would do any good as it depends on the quality of the psychiatrist.

Jane said she felt very hot but didn't know why.

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