Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Making yourself sick is sick

Once of the phases in the binge drinking cycle, at least from my standpoint and experience is when the binge drinker stops drinking and feeling very unwell and being predisposed towards bullimia and anorexia, makes herself sick to relieve the uncomfortable sensation.

The trouble is for my partner, she tends to overdo this a bit and makes her self sick every 5 minutes for about 5 hour, sometimes,or until a doctor gives her a tranquillizer to knock her out.

I mention this because the sound coming out of the room next door is coughing. It's the first time during this binge that I have heard it and it is a sure sign she is about to start a sickness bout.

About 10 minutes or so before she "coughed" (actually she was coughing because she had just stuck her hand down her throat - that would make you cough wouldn't it), she went (tottered) to the kitchen to get some liquid (flavored water). She uses this to help her be sick and to be sick on something as there is no food in her stomach to throw up.

She'll do all this on the bed into a bucket - see the header to this blog. Look, I'm sorry if you think I am being horrible but I need to do this to keep my sanity and anyway I'm the bl**dy victim and she is out of it.

Yes, she deserves sympathy and care etc. Have you heard about the family members who care for their sick relatives for years on end, unnoticed and unsung. Well, a lot of them in their hearts are sick to death of caring. You reach a time when you have just had enough.

I know exactly how to prevent her being sick but she doesn't co-operate normally. I'll discuss the technique next time.

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