Thursday, 1 January 2009

Alcoholic Chat

A photo titled "Conversatons II by Ferran.

Jane (calling from her bedroom, the black hole where she has laid comatose drunk since last Sunday four days ago: "Freddie.....", silence.

Freddie (watching TV and replying loudly): "Yes...", silence.

Long pause, nothing happens.

Freddie: "What do you want?"

Nothing happens, not a sound is heard.

A full 10 ten minutes later Freddie goes to Jane's bedroom, where she is lying amongst her mess, utterly silent except for the occasional faint sound of the unscrewing of the top of a Vodka bottle and the faint "Ahhh..." that occasionally follows. Even for the most experienced alcoholic neat vodka from the bottle can be a bit hard to take.

Freddie (said with a little aggression and exasperation): "What do you want?"

Complete silence. Nothing emanates from the darkness, the black hole, the smelly mess.

Freddie (louder and with more exasperation): " What do you want?"

Jane (after a delay): "Er, um, er, I want some fooood, please" (amazing Jane says "please")

Freddie (having recently learnt at Al-anon to use "I" when conversing in order to focus on us, the victims, and to stop being a carer: "I do not want to be your carer. I am not meant to be your carer. I'll bring some food, please wait..."

Freddie trudges back to the kitchen and prepares a jacket potato (baked potato but microwaved) with some added mayonnaise and butter, something Jane might be able to handle without throwing it all over the place. It is either that or a toasted cheese sandwich with mayonnaise, another "safe meal".

Freddie (walking into Jane's bedroom that smells of vomit, mess and God knows what): "Here it is behind you" (putting it on her bed behind her). Jane says nothing and covers her head under the duvet. Freddie closes the door firmly after him. He feels p*ss*d off. He returns to the TV and his own meal that has become a little cold.


  1. Freddie,
    Does Jane have any family or friends who can talk to her or at the very least who can help you out? Her situation reminds me of how bad my husband was at one point (not that the situation is much better now) and the heavy drinking of vodka and gin nearly killed him. Talking to other people (in your area) might help you find some solutions and perhap save her life.

  2. Hi Cosufferer, Thanks for the comment. Yes, Jane has family about 300 miles away. I am fairly frequently in touch with them to update them as to how Jane is doing. Jane phones her mother from time to time. They are too far away to help much. Thanks for your concern.


I'd like to hear the experiences of both alcoholics and the victims of alcoholics, please.