Saturday, 24 January 2009

Alcoholism Chat

Alcoholism Chat -- 2 pm Saturday 24th January:

Jane: "I feel sleepy"
Freddie: Says nothing. He has heard this before. It can only mean one thing. Jane has had a little slug of the clear stuff, her best pal, Mr. V. Thirty minutes later Jane goes to the toilet for a pee. Freddie notes this mentally. Booze is a diuretic. More evidence of a little secret session with the bottle. He says nothing. Thirty more minutes elapse.
Jane: "I feel sleepy, I'll just have a nap". A good three hours later Jane awakes from a deep slumber. "I just had a little nap. I felt sleepy because I woke up early this morning".
Freddie unable to contain his thoughts any longer, in a gentle non threatening way having learnt to tread very carefully when discussing the dreaded booze: "You haven't had a drink have you?"
Jane: " No, no, I never drink after a binge".
Freddie: "Anything goes with you when it comes to booze."
Jane: "Yes, I agree."
Freddie: "You know, if you drink again it'll be a change in lifestyle for you and me." (meaning Freddie will have to leave as he has made clear after the last binge)
Jane: "Yes, I know".
Freddie: "Did you say you had pancreatitis on the last binge?"
Jane: "Yes, that is why I went to hospital".
Freddie: "No, I called the ambulance because you couldn't stop making yourself sick or being sick."
Jane: "Yes."
Freddie: "So you had pancreatitis. Why didn't you tell me? It is a serious illness that can kill."
Jane: "I thought I had".
Jane gets up and goes over to Freddie, hugs him and says: "Thanks for looking after me..."

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