Saturday, 31 January 2009

Are Victims of Alcoholics Outsiders?

You may not get all the answers - by vaXzine

Are Victims of Alcoholics Outsiders? I am a victim of an alcoholic's alcoholism. Or am I? Am I a victim of my own deficient character? If you could see me you'd see a person who looked perfectly normal, well balanced and together. But I am not totally together. I have worked all my life and been moderately successful. But I have never felt as if I fitted in. If I did I would I have been very successful financially, I believe. You have to like money and be a pack animal to be successful financially, I also believe. I don't meet either criteria.

I recently made a post about myself. It was brutally honest and I deleted it because it gave a false impression about me. Everything in this website is the absolute unvarnished truth but it seems we cannot say everything about ourselves. We must leave something to ourselves, to our dark interior that only we know about.

The truth about being a victim of an alcoholic or why we live with an alcoholic is that we, the victim, are really victims of ourselves. Our character gradually leads us down that long path to the inevitable, an inevitable end game that we cannot avoid, a life style that fits with our character. Are Victims of Alcoholics Outsiders? - Almost certainly Yes.

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