Sunday, 4 January 2009

Blame an Alcoholic?

Photo by ratterrell

Can we blame an alcoholic for being alcoholic? Yes, slightly. Alcoholics are born predisposed to alcoholism. This predisposition is either inherited genetically and/or learned through early experience.....

The video above is just meant to be a change from words; something else to look at, that's all.

.....The person who becomes an alcoholic does so quite slowly. He/she drifts towards the wire, that horribly barbed wire and when it is crossed there is no going back. Once crossed the person who is predisposed to alcoholism has become an alcoholic and at that point is addicted. All that remains is to try and control it; the eternal struggle until death.

There is though a window of opportunity during the drift to alcoholism when the enlightened alcoholic to be could and should take steps to arrest the slide towards the wire. If they don't they could be blamed for not doing so.

The choice is a tough one and the task of arresting the slide is hard and the drive towards the wire compulsive because of the predisposition. But there is a choice of sorts.

It is that failure to make that choice that attracts blame, some blame, a little blame. We can blame an alcoholic for becoming one, just.
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